Future Goals:

1. Create Camera path and Look_at path to create 3-D povray movies (done, in testing).
2. Data Validation of everything with regular expressions.
3. Develop roofs for POVRAY buildings.
4. Develop multilanguage support.
5. Move area, move all or some objects left-right-up-down
6. G-Code output so you can turn pictures into material objects (please loan me a CNC machine).
7. Develop a complex demo for the movie script.
8. Develop ttf viewer (not necessary kde views ttfs now)
9. Develop image map box generator
10. Develop multi-windows/doors objects.

How to make an function .inc file 6-16-2003. If you make an .inc file please send it to me bill.berggren@phpcad.com . I'll paypal $5 for the first person that sends me one. All help on this program greatly appreciated.

News and Changelog:

Version 1.2: (6-2003) Fixed setup maker, I rewrote most of it with javascript for more detailed function information. Fixed bug: now you can make .jpg movie frames in movie.php instead of just .pngs. Added make mencoder script for divx 3,4,5 or .mpg.

Version 1.1: (6-2003) Added ttftexttransparent and tttextoutline, from a tutorial at phpbuilder.com, by Brandon Cash. Big change is register_globals was on on my version of knoppix, so I fixed it so it now program works with register globals off. Changed the movie maker portion of the script. Added frame viewer (see eye candy at www.phpcad.com).

Version 1.0: (6-2003) I chose to go to 1.0 because I changed the format of include function files. EACH FUNCTION IS NOW COMPLETELY PLUGGABLE IN ONE FILE. See pixel.inc in the functions directory for an example. Also, the 2nd menu is now a javascript menu. It adds html file size, but give more specific object options. Many upgrades to functions. However, there is no data validation so don't use this on the web for the time being. Plan to use regular expressions to verify all data.

Version 25: (5-2003, not released) Povray file "p.pov" is saved on the server (if you generate it). However, I have not been able to get exec() to work with povray. Thus, enter ./p in povray directory to make p.jpg from p.pov. Added grasspatch function to make grass in 2D or 3D by hand for now. You must get and install grasspatch.inc, bezier.inc, and povray 3.5 for this to work. Added 3D lights.

Version 24: (2-2003) Fixed gd color problem. All images should look good now. I may be spending more time developing tax software for linux (phptax.sourceforge.net). You can place transparent images on gd images, which is nice (see image.tob). Added CD labeling template. php 4.3 should make gd installation automatic yippee.

Version 23: (12-2002) Now you can use .tob files as objects in other pictures (only 1 level). This is great so you can do work in one picture and use it for the larger picture. It breaks your picture up and makes parts reusable. Started using gd 2.0.1. Images are now truecolor and scalable. Note you can make magazine quality .pdfs by increasing scale to 60 using a 85 x 110 grid. and using imagemagicks, "convert a.png a.pdf". Gimp has exlt. conversion .pdf->.jpg or .jpg->.pdf quality. Also when making .mpg movies from frames I recommend using TMPGEnc with wine. TMPGEnc is rated #1 in windows out of 50 as an encoder and you can encode jpeg sequences (p01.jpg, p02.jpg, ... ) with it under wine and multiplex in one step.

Version 22: (12-2002) Fixed some major annoyances. TTF's work (however they chew colors for some reason), movies functions should cache better between pages, and movies start at frame 1, and checker displays better. Added about 3 functions that you must use by hand. Including the simple and great hlines. Added movie_icon function.

Version 21: (11-2002) Fixed bugs. Now use session variables to pass variables between pages. Added polygon function that must be used by hand. Moved all files into files directory, ttf's in ttf font directory, Still don't have ttf support.

Version 20: (7-2002) Began using server-side image maps. This increases performance by over 200 percent on large pictures. Made changes to movies.php GUI. Added scrolltext function for movies.

Version 19: (7-2002) Added objects to make animated .gifs, .mngs and .mpg movies. Also, made a checkerboard object. Improved .ttf object but I still can't get it working with php 4.1.2 so I installed an older version of php to get it working 4.0.4. Discovered killerapp for the program, making a .png image to use as a web page.

Version 18: (6-2002) Converted all php code to meet PEAR PHP coding standards. Added several different types of advertising formats. Added a feature that gives help for each object, much easier than PhpDoc. Fixed curved pov-ray output. Added security feature, supplying a correct password with localhost/phpcad?password=123123, will set all files in directory to the permission "660", with the owner and group apache. It is recommended you change the webroot directory to "775" which will not allow files to be created/deleted. This provides some security on multi-user systems, only if open_basedir measure is used by the administrator. The reverse of the password will change all permissions to "777". Note: on single user systems, systems you don't care about, or internal networks, you can disregard or remove these lines. Also a hacker may still be able to access the page through another language.

Version 17b: (6-2002) fixed major bug in creating pictures, causing .png pictures to be much larger than they should be, draw1.png is back to 4.4 KB. Added .jpg support with quality settings. Cleaned up .setup.

Version 17: (5-2002) painfully added textbox (want to avoid bloat). It will provide the power to add text and and pass info to the function, for example "color=aeaeae&fractal=.454". Added functions for code 3 of 9 barcode (thanks to Charles Scheffold) and added gdtext. Can now change POV roof, wall, and foundation texture at bottom of pov.php.

Version 16: html sourcecode should be clean and all lowercase now. Added rectangle delete, to delete all objects within a rectangle. Added ticks to show flatroof. Added option in .setup to return without changing.

Version 15b: program should actually work on Explorer and Mozilla now. You have to close forms, especially if you use two on a page.

Version 15: Started changelog. Biggest change is the program now works with PHP 4.1.2, probably above. It can be used on lower versions of PHP by eliminating all get commands for example $_GET["pfilez"] at the beginning of each script. Note: these $GET["pfilez"] lines are probably not necessary, if register_globals is set to "on" in the php.ini file. Added a couple new color schemes, performed some cosmetics. Added 2 story capability if you go into pov.php and change 2 lines at bottom. Added "gridon" option to .setup.